Beam Love

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Sage Coaching, Training & Consulting

A wholistic approach utilizing  nature, stories, narrative, creativity, wellness, information, questions, resources to address topics including transitions, life work, interpersonal skills, mental health, family, trauma, grief, transitions, self-care and more. Sessions, training and groups are tailored based on the unique needs of the person or group.


Using an eclectic approach, I coach individuals of all ages, families, groups, organizations, communities, and schools with a focus on wellness, mindfulness, and renewal.

We work together to explore questions, life transitions, trauma, grief, life purpose, and creative solutions.

I believe self-awareness, insight, and defining values and values alignment are the keys to ease, happiness, and fulfillment.

I look forward to supporting you on your journey!

Training & Consulting

Training’s are designed to fit the needs and goals of the audience. Topics have included:

  • Job readiness workshops for youth
  • Telling our stories
  • Team building
  • Finding our passions
  • Gender & sexuality
  • Living artfully
  • Caring for elders
  • Service Learning
  • Community Partnerships

About Me

Some words on who I am:

  • intuitive, curious,  mindful, wholistic, eclectic
  • radio & podcast producer who loves the story and the interview
  • community minded, advocate, activist
  • kombucha brewer, baker, foodie  
  • natural coach, healer, artist
  • storyteller, nature love, lifelong learner
  • youth-family-elder-community worker, caregiver, support,  
  • deep feeler, empath, passionate
  • creative, insightful, resourceful
  • simplicity, curious, responsible

About Me